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A great way to reduce, reuse, and recycle your code

Interface Implementation

When you want to add a small piece of functionality to class in object-oriented programming you would generally start by extending that class. However sometimes this isn’t possible:

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The secret to losing weight successfully.


In March 2020, just before everything shut down, I signed up for my company’s wellness program. This program assigned me a coach that I could meet with weekly to go over my progress, challenges I am facing, and help me make…

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A better way to store preferences

  1. Proto — for storing custom data types using protocol buffers.

Creating a DataStore

First, let’s start by looking at how we create a PreferencesDataStore:

val dataStore: DataStore<Preferences> = context.createDataStore(…

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Help prevent remote meeting interruptions

Children interrupt BBC News interview

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Key attributes that will help propel your team to function at a higher and healthy level.

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You should really be using canary builds

I remember sitting in the audience at Google I/O 2013 and hearing the announcement that Android Developers had a new IDE built on top of IntelliJ, as well as a new build system based on Gradle. This was the biggest announcement of that entire conference. Up to that point, my team had been using IntelliJ and Maven with the Jayway Maven Android plugin. Our gamble of not following Google with Eclipse and Ant paid off.

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The release of Hilt is one of the best things to happen to Android development.

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Factory and Module Boilerplate for ViewModel Injection

Jordan Hansen

I have been developing Android Applications professionally since 2012.

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